about us

Sigma Pi Theta was founded at Emerson College in 1979 as the only local, social sorority on campus. Created with the help of another Emerson fraternity, Alpha Pi Theta, we serve as a support group for people in the Emerson College community who feel comfortable joining a sorority. The members are dedicated to the ideals of sisterhood, trust, and love. We encourage growth of the individual, the sorority, and the Emerson and local Boston communities.

With Sigma, you'll find that security of a home away from home. We are, above all else, a family, and nothing can break the bond between us. We pride ourselves in being a small, tight-knit group of individuals, creating solid friendships and unity between members, regardless of when they pledged. We value our alumni, and seek to constantly build stronger relationships with them. Graduation may mark the end of your time at Emerson, but once a member of Sigma, you're always a Sigma.