Spring 2017

Spring 2017 Recruitment

Let the Journey Begin

A Letter From our Recruitment Chair

Dear Potential New Member,

We at Sigma Pi Theta are honored to have you consider us for our Spring 2017 Recruitment. While Emerson is a small school, you can sometimes seem lost in a sea of over-determined people, and it can be hard to find your place. For the ladies of Sigma, recruitment helped us find that place. Like many others, when I came to Emerson I didn’t think I was the sorority type. I tried recruitment at a different school before transferring, and I freaked out so badly that I didn’t even go through with it. When I felt lost and alone at Emerson, I looked at recruitment skeptically, but with hope. Upon meeting the then active sisters, I knew that Sigma Pi Theta was where I belonged, and I still believe this a year later. The ladies of this sorority encourage me to be myself and to be my best self at that. Whether we are eating dinner in the DH; meeting up over our school breaks because we’ve missed each other so much; or even just hanging out in someone’s suite, I know these girls have my back and I have theirs. My life at Emerson would be incomplete without Sigma. As the smallest local sorority at Emerson, we pride ourselves on being a tight knit group of friends who are there to support and love each other through anything. I’ve met some of my friendship soul mates in this sorority, and I hope that we can help you find yours.

This semester’s theme is travel, as multiple of our sisters just spent semesters abroad learning about who they are, and even more importantly who Sigma is. All of us came back with an even greater appreciation for Sigma Pi Theta than when we left, and I strive to be a great Recruitment leader so that all of you have the opportunity of feeling the way about this sorority as I do. The theme is travel, but the events emphasize who we are as a sorority, and as individuals. All of our events are casual and are about all of us learning about each other and whether or not Sigma is a good fit for you.

We encourage you to follow through with recruitment week, despite any skepticism or worries you may have. While going through recruitment the ladies of Sigma Pi Theta consistently stood out to me because of all the honest smiles and genuine conversations we were able to have, and I hope you all find that to be true. Please take a look around our new website to learn more about who we are. Recruitment week is rapidly approaching, and we can’t wait to meet you all!


Tori Zito

Class of 2018

Visual and Media Arts